Lego Candy Machine

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Really cool Lego Candy Machine made by MeMyselfAndMovies when he was 12 or 13. It serves two different kinds of candy: M&M’s & Skittles. Creative candy machine and an interesting concept. Watch the Lego Candy Machine in action and see exactly how it works in the video above, there’s also a secret compartment in the candy machine that’s shown at 0:49. Remember to not try putting a penny in. The penny will fall into the machine without any candy in return, at the sneaky crook’s expense :)


Kaleb Askew
Kaleb is 15 years old, and lives in the South Bay Area of California. He loves playing guitar, singing, making YouTube videos, hanging out with friends, technology, and photography. Kaleb first got into iOS photography when he downloaded the Instagram app in November of 2010. Same with vlogging, but he enjoys that too. Since Kaleb was about 7, he’s been listening to all kinds of music non-stop. That inspired him to pick up a guitar and sing, which he loves doing. Kaleb has been into technology as long as he can remember, and is thrilled to be able to share his interests on

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