Author: Joe Miragliotta

Uniform Wares 152

Uniform Wares 152 and 203 Series Watches

The new 152 and 203 Series watches from Uniform Wares are a comprehensive update from their previous models. Both are sporting an ultra thin silhouette, with the 152 at 35mm and the 203 at 40mm.

Out of Print covers

Out of Print eBook Jackets

As much as I love my iPad and being able to store a whole library on it, I do miss the feeling of holding a book. Until now I never thought that feeling would ever be felt through my eBook devices, but thanks to Out of Print…

Movie 43

Movie 43 Red Band Trailer (NSFW)

Movie 43 is big! How big? Let’s just say they have a total of 12 directors listed for the film. The movie features an all-star cast that has WAY too many to mention.

Angry Bird Star Wars

Angry Bird Star Wars Arrives November 8th

It appears the Rovio train isn’t coming to a halt anytime soon. The Angry Birds creator just released this teaser video for their upcoming game ‘Angry Birds Star Wars’.

Key and Peele Dubstep

Key & Peele: Dubstep

There’s always that one friend that doesn’t know what the Hell dubstep is. In this sketch from Key & Peele, Peele visits Key’s place to help him pack up his apartment.

Ben Stiller Dodgeball

The Ninja of Dodgeball

The title of this video is “Insane Dodgeball Kill!”, which I think is a complete understatement. I would lean more towards the title, “I’m going to Naruto flip over your ball, and destroy your teammates.”