Art & Design

Models Placed on Chalk Art

Sometimes when I see work like this I wish I chose a different path. Nithin Rao Kumblekar is an art director from India. His latest work features models in front of chalk drawings. See the photos after the jump…

Concept: Instaglasses

Yet another awesome Instagram concept, this time from Berlin-based artist Markus Gerke. Instaglasses are not only stylish, but they serve a very important purpose as well; capturing your every moment and sharing with your friends.

Kate Upton looks good on skate decks

Skateboards so hot, you want to ride them – you know what I mean. Skate Upton was a project inspired after the Skate Moss decks created by a completely different set of designers.

Euro 2012 posters for ESPN

I’ve never been a huge soccer fan, besides the occasional day drinking sessions my football friends drag me to. I can certainly admit to enjoying the energy each of the players have when they score a goal, or miss one for that matter.

Facebook Creeper Comic

A golden rule that should be in place for Facebook is to never, I mean never, like a photo that is more than a year old. Unless of course you are going for the ultimate creeper award.

Sture Pallarp’s X-ray Lamp

Sture Pallarp is a graphic designer living in Stockholm, as well as a BA student attending Beckmans College of Design. While I was looking through his site I came across one of his school assignments that I just loved.