Stanley Brand Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Stanley Brand

This year, I decided it was time to gift those loved ones with gear from Stanley Brand, so if and when we decided to revisit our memories past, we can do it with the best products.

Spanish Leather Hip Flask Set

Spanish Leather Hip Flask Gift Set

Stores are littered with cheap booze sets around the holidays, and I’m tired of it. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to the Spanish Leather Hip Flask Set.

Stranger Things Barb Toy

Funko POP! x Stranger Things Vinyl Figurines

The office Demogorgon doesn’t stand a chance with these awesome Stranger Things vinyl figurines on your desk. Funko POP! has turned Netflix’s beloved characters from Stranger Things into 3-inch toys.

X-Cap Light Up Hat

X-Cap Light Up Beanie

Not so much a cap as it’s a beanie, the X-Cap Light Up Hat features a removable head lamp with four strengths of illumination.

RIMOWA Electronic Tag

RIMOWA Electronic Tag

RIMOWA is a high end German luggage brand who has recently created the first fully integrated digital suitcase by the use of the RIMOWA Electronic Tag

Cubii Under-Desk Elliptical Machine

Burn Calories Without Ever Leaving Your Desk

What if I told you that while I was typing this I was burning calories? In fact, 200-calories to be exact. No, I’m not on one of those bulky treadmill desks that take up half of your office. I’m sitting down in my office, at my desk, with the first smart under-desk elliptical.

Soma Glass Water Bottle

Soma Introduces New Glass Water Bottles

I’ve been a fan of Soma products since getting my hands on their Glass Carafe. Their beautiful design is what first caught my eye, but what had me stay loyal was their mission.