Goodly Whale Bottle Opener

I have a recently come to the conclusion I’m somewhat of a hoarder. No, not one of those crazy ones you see on this stupid reality shows, one that buys something because it looks cool…

Dart Coat Hooks

Stop buying boring door hooks and upgrade to these solid steel darts. Each dart features a real screw at the end instead of the standard thin tip.

Floppy Disk Coasters with Custom Engraving

I can’t even begin to express the nostalgia I feel when I see a floppy disk. Playing the Jazz the Jack Rabbit game I got at a dollar store provided me with hours of fun as a child, and was all stored on one floppy.

Bamboo Puzzle Laptop Stand

If you’re looking for a new laptop stand you might want to check this out. The Bamboo Puzzle Stand provides you with an ergonomic working posture perfect for your work station