Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks

Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks

Every Jedi and Sith should have these Star Wars Lightsaber Wall Hooks from ThinkGeek. Each 2-pack is officially licensed Star Wars merchandise and comes with a Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader hook.

mike's HARD Peach Lemonade

My Favorite Backyard Essentials for Summer

I love summer, but who doesn’t? There is just something about the season that puts everyone in a better, more adventurous mood. With it brings invites to the beach, pool parties, hikes, and my personal favorite, backyard BBQs.

Tre Concrete Tiles

Tre Concrete Tiles by Levi Fignar

Originally designed and created by Next Ship Navigator Levi Fignar, as a surface installation for the London Design Festival, Tre has now been expanded for the design and architecture world.

Casper Pillow

Is the Casper Pillow Worth It?

After I got the Casper Mattress a few months back, I wouldn’t have imagined there was any possible way my sleep could get better. Almost instantly, I had gone from persistent insomnia…