Akomplice’s 2014 Spring 1 Collection

Akomplice’s Spring 1 collection has been unveiled and it features a wide variety of garments, including a goose-down coat, various hats, tees, tanks, crewnecks, socks, and a belt.

Crosstown Bleecker

SPY Releases the Crosstown Hennepin and Bleecker Sunglasses

SPY recently introduced the Hennepin and Bleecker sunglass ($129-$169 USD) models to their Crosstown Collection. The Crosstown Collection depicts SPY’s merging of both city life and beach culture, all while creating a high quality vintage-inspired series.

Swiss Stays

Swiss Stays Keeps Your Collar Tips Crisp and Straight

Every guy knows the feeling – your shirt comes back from the dry cleaners and those flimsy plastic collar stays have fallen out. Or perhaps your style sin is even worse – you didn’t know you should be using collar stays in the first place.

Loopwheeler x NEXUSVII Fleece Hoodie

Loopwheeler x NEXUSVII Fleece Hoodie

NEXUXVII collabs with Japaense cotton specialist Loopwheeler for this comfy fleece hoodie. Its heather grey cotton is made from a vintage loop wheel loom…