10 Leather Wallets That Do a Little More

While the vast majority of us include wallets as part of our EDC, that doesn’t mean they’re one-size-fits-all. Luckily, there are about as many different kinds out there as there are people. So why not find a wallet that’s tailored to your needs? Check out the list we’ve compiled below of 10 niche (mostly) leather wallets under $200 that all do a little more. You’re bound to find one that fits you.

1.) Dango Tactical EDC Wallet by Dango Products

2.) Slim Leather Wallet by Nomad

3.) AC Wallet by Bellroy

4.) Element Wallet by Trayvax

5.) Streamer Wallet by Finn Utility

6.) Note Sleeve Wallet by Bellroy

7.) iPhone Case + Wallet by Shieldon

8.) Front Pocket Wallets by Rogue Industries

9.) Workman Wallet by Tanner Goods

10.) The Passport Wallet by Taylor Stitch

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10 Leather Wallets That Do a Little More

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