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New Ads coming to YouTube

Youtube is currently testing out new ads that may make it beneficial for both the advertiser and the viewer. You’re probably asking yourself, “how is that possible?”. It is, believe me, heres how.

Similar to Hulu, Youtube will be using a potential 3 ad choice option in which the viewer can choose what better relates to them. Hulu has done this for quite sometime with success. There will be also another option in which the user may skip the ad all together. This will of course depend on length of video and a few other factors.

Now if you’re an advertiser this is probably the time when you freak out thinking, “how in the hell will that benefit us?”. Well if you think of it on a statistics stand point you’ll realize that if someone skips your ad it’s most likely because they could care less what you are selling or trying to promote. Wouldn’t you rather have the statistics show your consumers that are 100% interested in what you say and go from there? I sure would.

Overall I think this will be a great leap in advertising for both parties. I’m sure it will start a panic and mass complaints through out the Youtube community, but overtime like everything else they’ll get over it.

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