ZIRH at the 2013 ESPY Awards

Colin Kaepernick at the ESPYs Escape with ZIRH

ZIRH made a splash this year at the 2013 ESPY Awards where they were a favorite among the all-star athletes and celebrities in attendance.   Talent included Adrian Peterson, who took home Best NFL Player winner; Ray Allen of the Miami Heat who took home the Best Team award; and Colin Kaepernick for Best Breakthrough Athlete.

“The ESPY Awards is an event we look forward to every year,” said Brian Robinson, President of TPR Holdings, the company that owns ZIRH.  “As a brand that is deeply vested in performance, having a presence among this group of high-performance individuals is a natural fit.  Our participation in this gifting lounge has proven to be invaluable; the level of talent and the opportunity to directly interact with them is unsurpassed.”

ESPYs Escape - July 17, 2013

ESPYs Escape - July 16, 2013

ESPYs Escape - July 16, 2013

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