1940s Gymnasium Clock

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1940s Gymnasium Clock

Inspired by a vintage 1940’s industrial clock, this throwback offers individuals the chance to add something different to their walls. The industrial look to the clock was found all across the Country in gyms, factories, and service stations. This reproduction by Restoration Hardware keeps up with the look and feel of the original. Riveted sheet metal, a metal grill in place of glass, and quartz movement mechanics all come together to create this sturdy clock.

Buy now: $229 USD

Ed McNamara
Ed McNamara is a college student studying communications. He has a love for social media, technology and other gadgets. Keeping up to date on fashion and other trends is a priority and will have an infleunce on his career in the future. Ed’s goal is to do social media coordinating for a company and be able to utilize his knowledge of Instagram, Twitter and other networks.

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