Undead Teds – Zombified Teddy Bears

Phillip Blackman created Undead Teds, a series of teddy bears made to look as if they were zombies.

Creepy Body Art by Chooo-San

Put down any sort of food you may be shoveling into your mouth right now. Artist Chooo-San has created what I think is some of the most creepy body art ever.

Evel Knievel Collection from Lancaster LTD

I was recently sent the Evel Knievel crew neck sweatshirt from Lancaster LTD. It is by far one of the comfiest shirts I have in my closet.

3 Must-Have Recipes this Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl snacks made with Brisk Iced Tea? Sign me up. Men: don’t be intimidated, although the recipes are a tad wordy, they’re easy and the pay off is delicious.

All Edge Baking Pan

This All Edge Baking Pan might have you rethinking cutting carbs. No longer do you have to worry about that sloppy middle part of the lasagna that just can’t hold together.

Awesome 3D GIF of Mario and Link Attacking the Moon

Embrace for awesome-ness. The talented Billy Allison created this sweet 3D GIF of Mario and Link taking down the moon.

Thoughts on Movie 43

Relativity Media’s celebrity driven movie Movie 43 hit theaters this weekend and I was one of the few that saw it. Despite it doing poorly at the box office I just couldn’t help myself from seeing it.

Child of the 90s Advert

Were you a child of the 90s? If so, this video might make you tear up a bit. So much nostalgia.

Get Down with O.P.P. (Other People’s Pinot)

I love me some Pinot Noir. The kind folks over at Mouton Noir sent me a bottle of their O.P.P (Other People’s Pinot) wine.

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