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Nicolas Cage as a Disney Princess

Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses

Most people know Nicolas Cage from movies like Broken Arrow, Face Off, and National Treasure. Thanks to the Internet, we now have yet another Nicolas Cage type meme we can embrace. Nicolas Cage as your favorite Disney Princesses.

MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches

Watches don’t need to be that expensive accessory to help you accomplish a look. MVMT is introducing several designs for watches that are clean and simple.

Vandal Playing Cards

Marc Jacobs Vandal Playing Cards

Let’s face it, you hear Marc Jacobs and are probably confused at who he is. Your significant other is more likely to know, seeing as he is well known in the fashion world.

Quartertwenty Skateboards

Quartertwenty Custom Skateboards

When you’re not riding your skateboard it can be a pain to haul it around unless you have a holster on a backpack. Quartertwenty has introduced custom skateboards that feature a built in grip to make transporting it easier.

Hollywood Star Charts

Hollywood Star Charts

These Star Charts from the collective Dorothy are whimsical, full of history, and all together just a pretty cool piece of wall art. There are two options for the charts, both of which are based on the same idea.

Maid of Honor Rap

The Best Maid of Honor Toast Ever (Eminem Rap)

Just when you think another wedding video couldn’t go viral, a maid of honor creates a toast out of Eminem’s ‘Without Me’. Jennifer Gabrielli raps to her sister, new brother in law, and guests at their wedding reception and absolutely crushes it.