Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Dogs and cats rule the internet. So much so that we have to plaster them all over our Instagram and Facebook feeds. To help feed your habit for furry animals, award-winning pet photographer and animal rights activist Seth Casteel created Underwater Dogs.

Behind the Scenes of Kate Upton’s Skullcandy Shoot

Go behind-the-scenes with Kate Upton, Kevin Durant and James Harden for Skullcandy’s ‘Take a Supermodel to Work’ campaign.

Do you know your V spot?

Did that title get your attention, “you perv-y little ferrets”? Actor Justin Long helps you find your “V Spot” in this hilarious Web PSA for the V spot campaign created by Virgin Mobile and DoSomething.org.

X-Rated iPad Mini Commercial

Even before the iPad Mini hit stores on November 2nd, it was receiving the parody treatment. First JacksFilms did his usual take on Apple’s new product announcements, now TimeToGetEpic takes a whack at it in this x-rated skit.

Thoughts on Halo 4

The long wait is over and Halo 4 is finally here. I got my hands on it a few weeks ago and played the hell out of it. A question stirring in many fan minds: “Is it as good as the original Halo (1 2 or 3) or is it similar to Reach?”

The best baby video you’ll see all year

If there is one baby video to watch all year this is it. Dragon Baby was created by Patrick Boivin, the genius who brought you The Real Avenger and AT-AT Day Afternoon.

17 Character Posters for The Hobbit

On Friday 17 new character posters were released for The Hobbit. I can only imagine the amount of moist LOTR fans out there upon seeing Gandalf raking leaves and Bilbo looking like he just shit his pants.

Slip n’ Slide at 1000 fps

The weather is starting to cool and beach days are coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can have one last hurrah. Watch a bunch of friends take to a slip n’ slide at 1000 fps.

Non-Stick Burger Press

The Weston Single Burger Press is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and featuers a non-stick surface.

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