Official Trailer for Tom Cruise’s Oblivion

First look at Tom Cruise in sci-fi thriller Oblivion. Based on Joseph Kosinski’s graphic novel, Cruise plays a drone repairman in this future-apocalyptic story.

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

It’s here, it’s here, it’s FINALLY here! The first trailer for Star Trek 2 Into Darkness has been released and it looks awesome.

Chuck Card Holder Giveaway by Property Of…[CLOSED]

Joe’s Daily has teamed up with Property Of… to giveaway five of their Chuck card holders.

Legend of Zelda Playing Cards

Nerd out with these Legend of Zelda Playing Cards. Created by the US Playing Card Company, the same company that produces everyone’s favorite Bicycle decks.

Learn to Smoke Your First Cigar in Style

Cigars exist at an intriguing intersection between style, leisure, and dessert, and also evoke machismo at a glance. A whole range of historical figures and celebrities have enjoyed smoking cigars—everyone from Winston Churchill to Arnold Schwarzenegger have been seen lighting up stogies in iconic images.

Pokemon 3D – First Look Gameplay [video]

Get your Pokéballs ready kids, Pokemon is getting the 3D treatment. German indie developer Nils Drescher has transformed the top-down 1999 classic into first-person perspective using 3D graphics.

Wooden Bow Ties

If you’re looking to stand out this Holiday season I would recommend trying one of Two Guys Bow Ties. Each of their bow ties are handmade using the highest quality woods and fabrics.

HUF Pop-up Shop Now Open in LA

I’m pleased to announce that HUF’s LA pop-up shop is now open for business. You can find it located at the Hall of Fame store in Los Angeles. I’m really excited to see it in person as I’m sure the photos don’t do it justice.

Experience James Bond In a 245 Horsepower RIB

James Bond is the most extraordinary gentlemen spy in all fiction. Over the last fifty years, he has starred in twenty three films, and has been played by six different actors.

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