Haute Shit Sesh #1

Sometimes there are just way too many cool and inspiring things to post as a full blown article. Instead of letting them go to waste I’ve decided to create the Haute Shit Sesh tag. This is an ongoing tag where I throw together things I find haute right now: girls, cars, fashion, etc.

PBS Off Book: The Evolution of 8-Bit Art

PBS has tackled many different topics on their ongoing series, “Off Book”. Their latest features 8-bit art and how it has evolved throughout the years outside of video games.

Ever wonder what happens if you click one of those free iPad ads?

I know I’m certainly not the only one that has wondered who actually benefits from those silly “Win a FREE iPad” ads. MarsRisingFilms puts any question you may have to rest with their latest video, G.I. Joe Reconciliation: Cobra Retaliation.

Mustache Cufflinks

Not looking dapper enough? Try these Mustache Cufflinks.

Facebook Creeper Comic

A golden rule that should be in place for Facebook is to never, I mean never, like a photo that is more than a year old. Unless of course you are going for the ultimate creeper award.

Prometheus vs. Aliens: A film review

First of all, it is valuable to look at the redeeming aspects of this film. Luckily there are only a few so this won’t take too long. The visuals. Without a doubt this film has some of the greatest scenery I’ve seen in a modern movie. Read the rest of the review after the jump…

Percey Striped Sassafras Glasses

I’m a stickler when it comes to choosing what I put on my face. I like to have glasses that are both universal and stylish. The key to choosing the right glasses for myself has always been choosing a unisex pair…

BATTLEFIELD 3 Conquest in Real Life

I’m obsessed with both Battlefield 3 and the conquest game mode, so naturally YouTube creators ThereIsACanal’s latest video would be a major WIN.

Vegan Bacon Olive Oil

Finally, use to be meat eaters can enjoy the lovely taste of bacon once again, thanks to Bacon Olive Oil by Queen Creek Olive Mill.

Travelocity's Gnational Gnomads