Keep it classy with a top hat ice bucket

Things like this from Pottery Barn makes me want to entertain guests far more often. The Top Hat Ice Bucket shown comes in both regular and mini-size

Breweries of the United States

There are a whole lot of breweries in the United States. Pop Chart Labs is selling a 39” x 27” map featuring over 1,000 breweries from craft to macro.

Nixon the Quad Watch

I’m loving Nixon’s The Quad Watch for it being so sleek. It has a super minimalistic design with analog functions, and a second-hand that was inspired by surfboard fins.

Win $10,000 worth of Apple gift cards courtesy of Crucial

Who wants to win $10,000 worth of Apple gift cards? I know I do, and Crucial wants to make it a reality. Now through June 30th you can take the Crucial Memory Sweepstakes for chance to not only win $10,000 in Apple gift cards, but they will give a matching donation to TechSoup®, which will help supply a non-profit with new technology.

Top 10 Skating Professor Memes

University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor is a legend for riding his skateboard between classes. Not only does he skate, but Tom Winter rides in style, well according to his meme captions.

Synchronice – Paradox (Original Mix)

They’re just two youngins from New Jersey doing what they love and doing it pretty damn good. If you like dubstep, then you’ll love what these under 20-somethings are putting down.

Ilott Vintage Cameras

Growing up I didn’t have technology – this is probably why I’m such a tech freak now. My first camera was digital so I never learned the fine art of photography using film…

Star Wars R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays

Think Geek never stops amazing us, especially with their vast collection of Star Wars toys. This silicone R2-D2 shaped ice tray is the perfect accessory for your whiskey on the rocks…

Soft Baked Bars: A new treat from Quaker

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. After sleeping eight plus hours, and not eating for at least ten, can really make you feel empty upon starting your day. What better way to conquer that hunger than with a delicious breakfast snack from Quaker?

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