We Are Young Remix by D’Anconia

This is the jam right here. D’Anconia remixes ‘We are young’ by Fun and kills it! Check it out after the jump…

The Expendables 2 debut trailer

I’m not quite sure you can pack any more action stars in a film quite like the Expendables has. Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is back with his band of trained killers in Expendables 2. See the first trailer after the jump…

Kate Upton does the “Cat Daddy”

Words cannot describe my love for Terry Richardson. Only he can bring out the sexiness in models like Kate Upton, who I also love. Check out the video of her doing the “Cat Daddy” after the jump…

REVOLVE Camera Dolly

Have you been looking for an easy to use portable dolly for your camera? There’s a Kickstarter for that and it’s called Revolve, a tool for capturing smooth and dynamic video.

iPhone Shutter Grip

The iPhone Shutter Grip attaches to your iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, or iPod Touch via the dock connector, thus granting you easy access to a dedicated shutter button.


An old man enters a train car but no one will give up their seat. Director Sean Soong animates what’s wrong with society and how everyone has seemed to forget how to respect one another. See the video after the jump…

Miranda Kerr Dominates Reebok

I like to think JoesDaily.com is more of a men’s lifestyle magazine rather than women’s, however when I saw pictures of the beautiful Victoria Secret (Miranda Kerr) model touting Reebok, I just had to share them.

First Trailer for Judd Appatow’s ‘This is 40’

In ‘This is 40’, Leslie Mann plays the lead opposite of Paul Rudd in a film about growing old and dealing with it all. See the trailer after the jump…

Three Man Chess Set

This isn’t your traditional chess set. As if the game of chess wasn’t hard enough, try adding another person in the mix.

Travelocity's Gnational Gnomads