Keep your boots looking fresh with Nor-v-gen shoe oil

A good pair of boots can go a long way. I’ve found that the right pair will be either expensive or REALLY expensive. None the less if you are in the market for a pair, spare no expense.

Sture Pallarp’s X-ray Lamp

Sture Pallarp is a graphic designer living in Stockholm, as well as a BA student attending Beckmans College of Design. While I was looking through his site I came across one of his school assignments that I just loved.

High For This (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix) – Ellie Goulding

I think I might make #MusicFridays a thing. I’m constantly being sent a plethora of stellar dance tracks by a handful of DJs. They tend to get me amped for the weekends festivities.

My Tassimo Pro gets upgraded with new flavors: Chai Latte and Café Roast

I may have died and gone to Tassimo heaven. TassimoPro has just added two new premium flavors to their already stellar lineup and I was lucky enough to try them: Chai Latte and Café Noir Café Roast.

The first tent in space

In the Scottish Highlands four intrepid Vangonauts attempted their first mission and managed to pitch a tent at 104,000ft (over three and a half times the height of Mt Everest).

Handmade wood wooden wayfarer style sunglasses

Looking to sport something a little more eco-friendly on your face this summer? You should check out these wayfarer styled sunglasses made out of bamboo temples and a white PC frame.

Kia Rio Scavenger Hunt

Kia chose two pairs of friends and sent them off on the Zip and Dash Los Angeles geocache challenge. Each team had to utilize their car’s features (Bluetooth and USB input jack) and make their way through Los Angeles in search for Christina Milian.

SKRILLEX – Freestyle Launchpad

This is a live free style performance on the Novation Launchpad in User 1 Mode using a custom M4SONIC drum kit and a mixture of samples from Skrillex.

ONE – Battlefield 3 Machinima [video]

I’m not quite sure what the exact stats are between Battlefield 3 sales and MW3, but the one thing I can say is Battlefield 3 gives the user more bang for their buck. See the epic video after the jump…

Travelocity's Gnational Gnomads