Folding Shoes by Timberland

In Japan, Timberland has released folding shoes. These could really come in handy. Definitely a space saver for your backpack or travel bag.

The WineHive

Storing a bottle of wine shouldn’t be as simple as throwing it on the counter with the rest of your alcohol. The WineHiv is an eco-friendly honeycomb wine rack…

Deliciously Realistic Food Paintings by Mary Ellen Johnson

As if there isn’t enough food porn on the internet these days, I had to go and tease you with these hyper-realistic food paintings by Mary Ellen Johnson. Yes, if you can actually believe it, these food portraits are paintings!

Pie Charts (A Baker’s Dozen) Poster Giveaway! [closed]

Pop Chart Labs has created another awesome poster. The Pie Charts (A Baker’s Dozen) poster features 13 popular pies and their ingredients. It’s sort of like inception for pie charts.. right? See the poster after the jump…

Google’s Project Glass tests heads-up display glasses in public

Google has done it again! Today they released a video demonstrating their overall goal for their Google[x] experiment, Project Glass. See the video after the jump…

Bell & Ross Military Ceramic Watch

This Bell & Ross Military Ceramic Watch has the rugged appeal I’ve been looking for. The glass is made of sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating, lined in mineral glass.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Espa-Rubber

Oh Converse Japan, how I love thee. Check out these awesome Espa-Rubber shoes. This is Converse Japan’s interesting version of the classic Chuck Taylor All Stars.

What’s the true cost of an iPhone?

What is the true cost of an iPhone? I myself am obsessed with the Apple smart phone and couldn’t see myself living with any other phone on the market.

Hot Blondies Bakery

If you’ve been looking for something to take care of that sweet tooth, you should try something from Hot Blondies Bakery Treats. You’ll find an assortment of different desserts like whoopies, tarts, blondes…

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