“Myths, Monsters, and Legends” by Damien Hirst + RANKIN

Damien Hirst teams up with the RANKIN gallery for the “Myths, Monsters, and Legends” exhibition. The gallery will run this exhibit from October 13th until November 7th.

Being Elmo Trailer

Elmo is one of the most loved puppets in the world. Unfortunately little is known about who actually speaks for the red puppet. See the ‘Being Elmo’ trailer after the jump…

Battlefield 3 | Guillotine Teaser Trailer

I can barely hold in my excitement for Battle Field 3. The teaser states in the first few seconds, “The Following is actual in-game footage”. WOW, it looks beautiful! See the video after the jump…

Watermelon Carving

I’ve heard of carving pumpkins but not watermelon. Who ever is cutting this fruit has some serious skill patience. They take an ordinary watermelon with an exacto knife and create one beautiful piece of art.

The Obama Kill Osama Collectible Figurine

A limited edition figurine set of our President Barrack Obama killing Osama Bin Laden. Despite us knowing this isn’t how it really went down it’s nice to remember the President that took down the bad man.

Magazine Cover Pillowcase

I don’t know about you but I always look dead sexy when I’m laying in bed. Why not have have that cover shoot you’ve always dreamt of while laying there?

Chocolate and Muscat Pudding Recipe

Pudding and ice-cream.. nuff said. After seeing this recipe over on Spicy Ice Cream I just had to try it. In the Chocolate and Muscat Pudding you get two popular comfort foods combined together to make the ultimate Winter snack.

Burning Man 2011 by Scott London

Scott London’s photos from 2011’s Burning Man illustrate the true culture of the people and what goes on there. It would be a trip to actually see all of this in person. See the photos after the jump…

He Rocks – Chiseled Band

Unless you’re Mr. T, you probably don’t think about wearing much jewelry as a man. I however, would totally wear the He Rocks Chiseled Band. It screams masculinity with it’s chiseled rock features and matte finish.

Travelocity's Gnational Gnomads