Nest is Home Storage Made Artistic

When you first come across a Nest by Paul Ketz, it doesn’t take much to see exactly what makes it so great. The “wall object” is a clever alternative to…

You Can Now Play Portal in Augmented Reality

Ten years after the launch date of the original game, Portal has gone the way of Pokémon and joined the world of augmented reality.

higi is Making Self-Service Health Screenings Easy at Sam’s Club

If you have been debating on whether or not you should get a Sam’s Club membership, here is a new free benefit that might help sway you in the right direction.

This Bear Spray Has a Ridiculous 35’ Range

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of the outdoors. Anytime I had the chance to play in the woods, or go on a camping trip, you could bet I’d be there.

Barack Obama And Richard Branson Have A Watersports Competition

Since his retirement from the presidency just a few short weeks ago (yes, it’s only been a few short weeks) Barack Obama has been treating himself to some unbelievably well deserved R&R.

4 Reasons to Ditch Your Phone & Try Coolpad

I am forever glued to my phone. In fact, if I didn’t have my phone fully charged at any given moment, I may or may not have a massive panic attack.

The Heng Balance Lamps are Both Functional and Calming

These new Heng Balance Lamps are a beautifully inventive combination of lamp, art, and just a little bit of magic.

NOVA Takes You Behind the Scenes for the Creation of the Seven Seas Explorer

Regent Seven Seas Cruises has teamed up with PBS on their latest NOVA film, “Ultimate Cruise Ship.” The film debuts on Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017 at 9 p.m. ET

Sapira Just Made Boxed Mattresses Fancier

A couple of years ago, the innovative company Leesa joined the home delivery boxed mattress revolution, and I had the lucky opportunity to give one a try.

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