Microsoft Bing Ad?,0,3611284.column Great article about how stupid Microsoft Bing ad’s have been. Do they make sense? Do they have a purpose? All I know is they shouldn’t blame their competitor so bluntly in the commercial. Google has done great things and now you’re trying to diss them?

Is Wino a mother?

They’re too many things to point out wrong in this picture. For one why is she sucking her thumb like a baby? Maybe she mistook her finger for a crack pipe. I feel so bad for the poor St. Lucia kids. Leave her before she sells you for a crack rock.

David Carradine’s hanging body published? Family Outraged!

This is just sick! The popular Thai tabloid called, ‘Thai Rath’ published the photo in it’s last issue. From what Thai police believe was taken by the forensics team that where put on the case the day David was found. The family is absolutely outraged as well they should be. Carradine’s brother Keith recently released […]

Heidi in the Hospital?

Could it be true? Could Heidi Montag really be hurt? US Magazine has reported that the Hill’s star has been rushed to the Costa Rican hospital for undisclosed medical reasons as of now.  Neither Spencer or NBC execs have been available for more information. I’m smelling publicity stunt. If she really is hurt then I hope the […]

Before they became famous

I found a bunch of musicians before they became famous and one or two actors. Gotta love what they looked like before they had their mani/pedi’s! If you click on an image it will reveal who that person is with a title. Enjoy.

DVD Jon’s DoubleTwist Pwned San Francisco’s Apple

Thank you TechCrunch for posting this article. I find it amazing the extent companies will go to try and out smart Apple. DVD Jon, the creator of DoubleTwist has taken out some advertising space right under the Apple sign at the San Francisco store. I personally think he has some iTunes envy and needs to […]

It’s Quote Time

The lovely Megan Fox sharing a little insight on how she feels about on screen kissing. “Oh my God! Screen kissing is fucking gross. This one kid I had to kiss had just eaten. And he passed a piece of whatever it was into my mouth. Not on purpose, like it was in his tooth […]

Lawrence Welk

Will Ferrell is amazing. He was on SNL recently promoting his new movie ‘Land of the Lost’. Great skit!

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