Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Footwear

Louis Vuitton has teamed up with the cocky singer Kanye West to produce a few different shoes. They are definitely hot but will you get them? Check more photos at Kanye’s Blog

Casio G Shock Data Bank Watch

All hale the G Shock watch. Hottness!

Creative ad campaigns by Perrier

Perrier’s newest ad campaign named Melt is simply amazing. Check the photos and video below. Super creative eye candy. Now for the melt campaign video by Perrier: Time after time they have put forward a better campaign. They are a company that doesn’t believe in rushing out advertisement. Quality is a big expectation they desire […]

Oh how I love Ms. Perry

Katy Perry tweeted this picture of her in the bath tub eating pizza. Gotta love it. If only I was the lucky person that took the picture.

Dance Face

Another one from Robert Hoffman. Awesome.

Gustav Iliev: International Superstar

I had no idea Robert Hoffman from Step Up 2 was so funny. Check out all his videos on his webpage. Hilarious!

Refrigerator Prank makes roomie cry

These kids have that vicious Masshole accent. I would bet money they are from New England. Listen to the dude crying because he got pie in his face! Karma is a bitch because the dude that set up the prank gets revenge and is pissed off after himself. What a bunch of idiots!

Will.I.Am’s vLog about Perez Bashing

Think he is telling the truth?

Cowboy’s stadium plays xbox 360

If you’ve ever been to a stadium for a sporting event you would agree that the quality on the jumbo screen is crystal clear. Well finally someone took advantage of the screen on their down time and played a little xbox 360. From the screen shots you can see the crew playing Halo, Gears of […]

Travelocity's Gnational Gnomads