Maximize windows from your dock with your keyboard

This is a super fancy tip for those of you like me who hate having to click on the minimized window on the dock. I’m all about keyboard shortcuts, and this is an awesome one. With windows minimized, press  + tab to show your open applications. Select an application to maximize and release tab […]

iPhone Applications helping the Autistic

This article was provided courtesy of my friend Kyle. It’s really quite amazing how a piece of technology like the iPhone or iPod touch could help the Autistic. Click here to read the article and learn more! Thanks Kyle!

Exodus Tyson Dies: Mike Tysons daughter

This is a really sad story. I hope the Tyson family is coping over this tragedy.  Read the Article here

Celebrities without Makeup

I hope this post will open the eyes to many envious people out there. You must understand celebrities are just people too! I’m not trying to bash them. I clearly want to point out they hide behind makeup just as much as the next person. Of course as a guy I don’t wear makeup, so […]

Stickies for Mac shortcut

Have you ever wanted to highlight some text and throw them directly into a new stickie? Well you can and I’m happy to show you the simple command. First select/highlight the text you want to add to the stickie. Hit Command + Shift + Y Stickies will open promptly with the text in a stickie […]

Tomorrow is a big day for gay marriage

Tomorrow (tuesday), in the lovely state I live in California the Supreme Court will rule whether or not Gay Marriage should be legal or not. I hope all goes well for my rainbow saluting friends. They’re simply the best friends I could ask for. Equality for all ya’ll.

Apple Massive Market growth in Education

This is an awesome chart for Apple. Education has risen with the purchase of Apple computers for their schools. This is awesome. I wish I was fortunate enough to have all of these Apple computers available to me when I was going through high school.

Save an Application Icon on your Mac

This tip is amazing. I just read how to do it and am so stoked. Have you ever wanted to save one of those beautiful icons you have on your dock? Maybe even save the hi-res version??? Well now you can. The icon above was taken straight out of my Applications folder. So this is […]

Awesome information about blog hackers

If your a blogger, or diary enthusiast you really should read this. I would hate for my site to become popular with MANY MANY followers and then be hacked by some assholes that have nothing better to do. Read this guys story over at his blog. Good read.

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