Vacation in Playa Mujeres at One of these 3 Luxury Resorts

So you’ve decided to vacation in Playa Mujeres. Perhaps it was through a friend’s recommendation or maybe you read my article on Travelocity: Falling in Love All Over Again in Playa Mujeres.

First Cellphone Love, Nokia 3310, Has Been Rebooted

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nokia 3310 is back! As amazing as cellphones have become over the last decade or so, I have to admit that sometimes I really miss the ease of the first few ones I had.

Skullcandy’s STAYLOUD Showdown Offers Your Band a Shot at Warped Tour

This month, Skullcandy is launching a contest for emerging artists in the form of an awesome concert competition called the STAYLOUD Showdown.

Will Smith and David Ayer Team Up Again for Netflix Original Film “Bright”

Bright is one of the many upcoming Netflix Original Films coming out in 2017, starring Will Smith as an LAPD officer with a twist; his partner is an Orc.

Bulleit Bourbon Partners with Local Artists to Celebrate LA’s Tattoo Culture

Something awesome happened in Los Angeles last week that I’m kicking myself for not being able to attend. Bulleit launched their latest Frontier Works series by unveiling the first ever tattoo billboard…

Hone Your Photography Skills on a Trip to Africa or the Galapagos

If a trip to the islands of Galapagos or the savannas of Africa happens to be on your bucket list, it’s probably pretty important that, when you do go, you do it right.

Porsche’s Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Is the Strongest in Its Line

For the first time, Porsche is featuring a plug-in hybrid as the flagship of a model line with the new Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

HEX x Alyasha Owerka-Moore Capsule

It’s always a good day when HEX drops a new collection, especially when it’s a collaboration with a street fashion legend such as Alayasha Owerka-Moore.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Recipes Made Delicious

You know those moments when you find something—it could be online or in the real world—and it’s such a perfect combination of things you already love that you have a bit of a hard time handling it?

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