3 Smirnoff Peppermint Twist Vodka Recipes You Have to Try

This holiday season, I’m treating my (21+) party guests to some peppermint flavored cocktails, made with Smirnoff Peppermint Twist vodka.

The Cognac Pen: A Gift For Someone Who Has Almost Everything

A little history here: the last time I wrote about a unique holiday gift for someone who has almost everything, was in 2010. It was the Porsche Design Advent Calendar…

Gift Guide: 5.11 Tactical Gear

I’ve always found it difficult to buy gifts for my friends in the military and that are cops. The type of gear they’re into isn’t exactly something I’m interested in…

Vsauce3 Breaks Down the Science Behind the Home Alone Traps

You think you could survive Kevin McCallister’s infamous booby trap infested home? Think again. Vsauce3 broke down a few of his clever traps…

Reebok x JJ Watt Launch the JJ I Insomnia

The JJ I Insomnia was recently unveiled as the latest shoe collaboration between Reebok and JJ Watt as part of Watt’s signature training shoe collection.

Meet the Lucid Air

Tesla has dominated the electric car market for the last 5 years, but come 2018, they will have some competition. The Lucid Air is a new all-electric luxury vehicle with a battery pack capable of outputting 1,000 horsepower…

A Day with Railcar Fine Goods

After what felt like a never ending Uber ride, I finally made it to Rail Car Fine Goods in Monrovia, CA. I was there to see first-hand just how their workshop works.

An Arctic Aloha – Surfing Under The Northern Lights: Unstad, Norway

When I went to Unstad this past June, I did not know what I would find, or, when I arrived there, how it would affect me.

Protect Your Tech Toys from Cyber Scrooges With These Tips

The Island of Hackable Toys features our most beloved tech products and tips on how you can secure them from digital misfits.

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