Sneaker Museum Presents: Kicks on Film

Kicks on Film logo

The Sneaker Museum in Colgne, Germany just opened their Kicks on Film exhibit. This show is to showcase the impact sneakers have had in film and television throughout the years. If you’re as fortunate as Sneakerb0b, and live close, I would highly recommend attending.¬†From the looks of his photos it appears they had plenty to geek out over.

Here are some of my favorite photos from Sneakerb0b:

Nike Air Mag

Back of Nike Air Mag

Mattel Hoverboard

Back to the Future Poster

Back to the Future Poster

Back to the Future Props

Back to the Future Mini-set

Tron Sneakers

Star Trek Staple Vans

Kill Bill Sneakers

Indiana Jones Stomper

Goonies Puma Sneaker

Hellboy Sneaker

Ferris Bueller Sneaker

Alvin Sneaker

Gremlin Sneaker

Photography by: sneakerb0b

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