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Win $10,000 worth of Apple gift cards courtesy of Crucial

Who wants to win $10,000 worth of Apple gift cards? I know I do, and Crucial wants to make it a reality. Now through June 30th you can take the Crucial Memory Sweepstakes for chance to not only win $10,000 in Apple gift cards, but they will give a matching donation to TechSoup®, which will help supply a non-profit with new technology.

What’s the true cost of an iPhone?

What is the true cost of an iPhone? I myself am obsessed with the Apple smart phone and couldn’t see myself living with any other phone on the market.

BOOK and Volume Cases for iPad

As far as iPad cases go, I’m not a big fan of them. I don’t like covering the beauty of the design with some God awful Ed Hardy looking case. This is why I’m digging the new Book/Volume cases.

Motz Wooden Apple Speaker

The Motz speaker is a neat accessory for you to pack in your bag. Each one is made out of natural cut apricots and packs about 5 hours of playtime. See more photos after the jump…