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Magnus iPad 2 Stand

Looking for that subtle stand for your iPad 2? You have to check out Magnus. It’s a stand that uses a strong magnetic link that works with the iPad 2’s built in magnet.

Hipster iPhone Case

Super retro hipster iPhone case. Zack Morris is calling, and he wants his phone back.

Retro White Pacman Decal

Shoutout to to the 1980’s. What better way to show off your favorite game from back in the day than to get this awesome decal for your laptop?

If Apple Made Water

If Apple had their own water, this would most definitely be it. I thought this was absolutely hilarious when I first saw it on Scoopertino, a fake Apple news site with a name similar to a certain South Bay Area city.

The Steve Jobs Action Figure

I use to think I would never look at a keynote the same ever again. Every since the legend of turtlenecks passed, I’ve felt lifeless in this cold, dark, morbid world. But not anymore with the Steve Jobs Action Figure!!!

Every Third Thursday: iShred

There are still people honoring Steve Jobs and all that he has brought to this world. Every Third Thursday presents the iShred. See the video after the jump…

iPad CF and SD Card Readers

This would have come in handy the other night at the Immortals premiere. PhotoJoJo is selling these handy iPad CF and SD Card Readers as a pack or standalone.