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Ex Apple Employees Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was not just a genius. He was a pioneer. I had the pleasure of working under the man at Apple. This is a video of my 3 best friends and I talking about how Steve and Apple has changed our lives.

The New iPhone 4s (Parody) by JacksFilms

As much as I’m excited for the new iPhone 4s, like I’m excited for all of Apple’s new products, my buddy JacksFilms makes a great point. Check out his hilarious parody about the new iPhone 5 iPhone 4s announcement.

Steve Jobs in Carbonate iPhone Case

Blast! One of the coolest iPhone 4 cases ever is no longer being sold. Society6 has decided to take down the Steve Jobs frozen in Carbonate case.

Arc Touch Mouse by Microsoft

A mouse that can finally rival Apple’s Magic Mouse. The Arc™ Touch Mouse by Microsoft has a great look to it and a unique shape then it’s predecessors.

3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection

Most knock-off gear doesn’t do well to the mass consumer market but I have a feeling this one will change all that. This 3-in-1 iPad Camera Connection kit has a USB, SD and MicroSD slot.