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Ceramic artist Debra Berger

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an amazing ceramics artist, Debra Berger. Her work speaks for itself, however I learned even more after spending sometime with her going over her work.

Mona Greasa by Phil Hansen

Burger grease is nasty. So why not make something amazing from it? Phil Hansen creates the Mona Greasa out of fast food burgers. Awesome stuff!

Trapped Lightning in a box

This magnificent piece of art was created using a hammer, nail, and electrons. It all happens so fast but leaves an amazing piece of art. Each design is at random just like lightning. With a little electricity passing through the acrylic box, and a tap of the hammer on the nail it spiderwebs out and leaves a temporary charge. Pretty sweet.

These little girls can dance!

I understand that many would say this seems inappropriate but I disagree. Just imagine how well they’ll dance by the time they reach the big leagues. Actually, they seem to already be in a big competition. If you don’t catch yourself smiling after this one then you should probably check your pulse…cause you must be dead.