Project X – Review

When 3 friends decide to throw a birthday party for one of their own to make a name for themselves at a high school where they are nobodies, what could possibly go wrong? Things start to spiral out of control, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one hell of a party. Director Todd Phillips decided to take a different approach from his regular Hangover movies, and do something completely different. The movie was filmed mainly by a handheld camera. The person doing the filming? None other than Youtube’s DAX FLAME. Thomas, Costa, and JB just want to be cool. Thomas just wants to survive the night, Costa wants his friend to have the best party of his life, and JB wants to get laid.

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The antics that these kids get into are probably some of the funniest situations since The Hangover. From crazy neighbors to a stolen gnome, this movie really has so much going for it. The soundtrack is extremely awesome. If you are put off by the trailer for this movie, how it just looks like people partying non-stop, it’s more than that. There is some actual plot, story, and dialogue. I couldn’t help but think “oh my god” as the events just keep escalating. If you think watching your dad’s car go flying into the pool and sinking is bad, then you really haven’t seen anything.

Some stand outs in the movie are the 3 main characters. While the movie does start out a little forced with the humor, it finds it’s footing pretty quickly and it takes off. One interesting thing about the movie is that all of the characters, minus Costa, used their real names for the movie. Miles Teller, who was in Footloose, makes an appearance as a popular graduate who is a star baseball player, and keeps his real name as well. Another standout was the Security in this movie. Hilarious situations and events keep happening, and just when you think the night can’t get any crazier, it does.

A very awesome, highly recommended movie from me. You have to check it out. Movie is rated R, but such a good time. One thing is that it was marketed towards the younger crowd, so the later at night you go see this movie, expect to have some under-agers sneaking in and likely making noise and chatting on their cell phones. Quite distracting, but I witnessed it today. After the 3:00 show, it was pretty much all kids sneaking in.
Make sure to check this movie out!

9 / 10

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