True Legend on Blu-ray

Tell me you haven’t missed Yuen Woo Ping’s EPIC martial arts film, True Legend ($19)? Earlier this year it had it’s limited US release and now you can enjoy the crazy fight scenes in the comfort of your own home. Get it on Blu-ray or DVD.


A well-respected martial arts teacher and a good husband and father, Su Can’s journey begins when his vengeful brother, Yuan, returns from war. Seeking revenge from a dark family history, Yuan, armed with the Five Venom Fist, destroys Su Can’s family and ultimately his dignity. Reduced to a beggar, Su Can finds apprenticeship from Lord Wushu and adapts to a new form of martial arts, the Drunken Fist. At peace with himself, he regains his strength to reclaim his life and returns home to claim retribution and his family honor. Good versus evil, two skilled rivals battle to become the ultimate warrior.

Buy now: $19

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