Art & Design

Euro 2012 posters for ESPN

I’ve never been a huge soccer fan, besides the occasional day drinking sessions my football friends drag me to. I can certainly admit to enjoying the energy each of the players have when they score a goal, or miss one for that matter.

Facebook Creeper Comic

A golden rule that should be in place for Facebook is to never, I mean never, like a photo that is more than a year old. Unless of course you are going for the ultimate creeper award.

Sture Pallarp’s X-ray Lamp

Sture Pallarp is a graphic designer living in Stockholm, as well as a BA student attending Beckmans College of Design. While I was looking through his site I came across one of his school assignments that I just loved.


An old man enters a train car but no one will give up their seat. Director Sean Soong animates what’s wrong with society and how everyone has seemed to forget how to respect one another. See the video after the jump…