Art & Design

Amazing Sculptures of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

Troy Grove and his brother Trevor Grove of Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up to sculpt some amazing Breaking Bad characters. Their plan was to create a series of miniature toon-up figurines approximately 5″ -6″ tall, with the likeness of characters from AMC’s hit show.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou by Lizzie Campbell

Claymation Style Alternate Movie Posters

If there’s one thing every human can appreciate it’s a good mash-up. Whether it’s food, music, clothes or literally anything else; if two things that don’t normally go together can be successfully combined then everyone’s in love.

Shaun Hughes Hobo Nickels

Modern Hobo Nickels by Shaun Hughes

In case you are unaware, a hobo nickel is any kind of low denomination coin that has been artistically altered via carving. This miniature, yet impressive, art form began in the 1700’s and has seen its popularity wax and wane over time.