Floppy Disk Coasters with Custom Engraving

I can’t even begin to express the nostalgia I feel when I see a floppy disk. Playing the Jazz the Jack Rabbit game I got at a dollar store provided me with hours of fun as a child, and was all stored on one floppy.

Bamboo Puzzle Laptop Stand

If you’re looking for a new laptop stand you might want to check this out. The Bamboo Puzzle Stand provides you with an ergonomic working posture perfect for your work station

Three Man Chess Set

This isn’t your traditional chess set. As if the game of chess wasn’t hard enough, try adding another person in the mix.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

This Nintendo Controller Coffee Table is made from maple, mahogany and walnut with dovetail joinery and mid century modern legs. It works for video games too.

The WineHive

Storing a bottle of wine shouldn’t be as simple as throwing it on the counter with the rest of your alcohol. The WineHiv is an eco-friendly honeycomb wine rack…

Quantum Ethanol Fireplace

Modern Elements makes some of the most intriguing and desirable fireplaces out there. Quantum was my favorite of their current collection.

Cinder Block Magnets

These Cinder Block Magnets are made out of real cement. Perfect for hanging your brother’s save the date, shopping list, holiday cards, or whatever other embarrassing thing you want on your fridge.

Pig Cooking Lid

A unique soft silicone lid with a pig’s face. It’s snout acts as an opening so you can evenly cook your food while steam is released.