16 Year Old Internet addict beaten to death at boot camp

Parents in China DO NOT like their kids growing up addicted to the internet or the computer in general. They pay thousands of dollars to send them away to boot camp for some discipline. Unfortunately one 16 year old got more than discipline.

Chen Shi was beaten to death after not obeying his warden when he gave him a direct order. Some camps use electric shock treatment, however Chen’s was much more brutal. Right after he gave them some lip it followed a beating with a plastic pipe, wooden baton, while being handcuffed. Horrible!

Internet addiction in teens are staggering. 1 out of 10 in China are addicted and I’m sure it’s only going to grow. Shi’s poor mother was originally told he was in critical condition because of heat stroke. I smell some sort of lawsuit coming on.

Share this with people if you find it interesting. Hopefully this won’t continue to happen.

[via Gizmodo]

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