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Who wants to win $10,000 worth of Apple gift cards? I know I do, and Crucial wants to make it a reality. Now through June 30th you can take the Crucial Memory Sweepstakes for chance to not only win $10,000 in Apple gift cards, but they will give a matching donation to TechSoup®, which will help supply a non-profit with new technology. It’s always nice to know you’re doing something good.

But that’s not all, one first prize winner will be getting a Crucial® SSD upgrade and the runner-up will receive a Crucial memory upgrade. Memory is extremely important to any good computer setup whether you’re a hardcore-gamer, blogger, graphic artist or video editor. Without the proper amount of RAM you will notice your computer start to lag and almost stall out – similar to a car.

I could personally use some more RAM for my iMac since it’s only running on 4gb. Some would say that’s enough to get by but when I’m video editing I notice it starts to slow down while rendering. This sort of thing tends to limit my editing and slows me down. Crucial is the only RAM I trust and have had them in every Mac I’ve owned since 2004. They have been serving their customers for 15 years and continue to be the leader in memory, so it’s safe to say you can trust their expertise.

If you’re interested in potentially winning a whole lot of Apple swag, I’d recommend entering their sweepstakes. The contest ends June 30th, so go enter ASAP. It only takes a few minutes.

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