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Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan “Chapter Two: For Gold and Glory”

On the heels of the Captain Morgan “Perfect Getaway” challenge, Chapter 2 of the trilogy is released titled ‘For Gold and Glory’. Using his wits and the human treasure map he busted out of prison, our favorite pirate out smarts his fellow sea dwellers by getting to the treasure first.

Fujifilm Instax Mini90

Fujifilm Unveils the Instax Mini90

Fujifilm aiming to take the digital photography World by storm, unveiled the Instax Mini90, a new take on their instant film line. Straying away from the colorful design of its predecessors, the Mini90 features a retro look similar to the late X-series cameras.

Notebook Beard

Notebook Beard

Not all of us men can grow a full face blanket, so fake it with the Notebook Beard. Each pack comes with two 32 lined page notebooks, just small enough to throw in your pocket while on the go.

Alana Blanchard

Girl Obsession: Alana Blanchard

As a new member to the staff at Joe’s Daily, it was part of my initiation to contribute a sampling of my girl obsession. Do you happen to recall when you were young, and you had that girl that lived down the street?

Cole and Parker Socks

Up Your Sock Game With Cole and Parker

Plain cotton socks are a thing of the past. These days, the sock is a vital piece to round out any sharp outfit. You can make a statement with them, which is why I’m letting Cole and Parker speak through my feet.