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How to meet the right girl [video]

The new season for About a Girl is here and my friend Alex Clark delivers. In the first episode he tackles the topic of How to Meet the Right Girl by animating it in this fun quirky video.

Property Of… Thomas Camera Bag Small

The Thomas Camera Bag Small

The Thomas Camera Bag is a rugged yet stylish solution to carry around your DSLR. Its outer is wax coated and sports waterproof zippers, assuring you the best protection in rain or shine.

The BEST Battlefield 3 video you will ever see

Maybe my title is a little over the top, but I can honestly say I have yet to see a better Battlefield 3 video to date. The last BF3 produced video that impressed me was ONE by Robert Stoneman, the same creator of Moments featured below.

Das Horn

Das Horn

Drink out of Das Horn, cause anything else just isn’t barbaric enough. Industrial designer Alex Chatham and David Segall have set out on a mission to create a drinking vessel unlike anything else.

The 40th American Music Awards - Show

PSY and MC Hammer kill it at the 2012 AMAs

I’d like to say I saw this coming but then I’d be a liar. PSY had a special guest last night help him close out the 2012 American Music Awards with a bang. None other than crazy pants himself, MC Hammer.

Zombie Iron Man

Zombie Iron Man

Cosplay artist Kyosti Kallio has done a very cool version of Iron Man as a zombie. The suit itself is impressive, however these photos wouldn’t look as cool if it wasn’t for photographer Adam Jay.

iSD Card Reader

iSD Card Reader

Finally a card reader solution for all those without the handy built-in attachment. The iSD Card Reader plugs into your USB port and features a cool glowing Apple logo when connected.

Nitro Circus Bus Drift

Nitro Circus – Bus Drifting

Watch as a few lucky kids get strapped into the Nitro Circus bus and drifted home. I wonder what sort of papers their parents had to sign off on for their safety.