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WoodSnap - Girl with guitar

WoodSnap: Your Photos on Wood

Framing your photos can be a pain in the ass. Trying to keep all the frames looking consistent so one doesn’t stand out more than the others can feel like a full-time job.

Memoto Lifeblogging Camera

Memoto Lifeblogging Camera

I love using Instagram (@JoesDaily) and Facebook to share photos, but sometimes I’d rather live in the moment than try to capture it. Meet the Memoto Lifeblogging Camera.

The iPad Mini Parody

What do I look forward to most when Apple releases a new product? The JacksFilms parody of course.

Dress Attire

How to be a Modern Man

Some styles become classics and stand the test of time. The dapper look is one of these styles. Think back to what the leading men in the old black and white movies had in common

HUF Hat Haul

Lately I’ve had a weird obsession with HUF hats. Maybe it’s because I’m not happy with the recent haircut I received, or that I just love to shop and need an excuse to do so.

Iron Man 3

The First Iron Man 3 Trailer

The first Iron Man 3 trailer has hit and is leaving me with mixed emotions. In this video you will see a not so fast talking, snarky Tony Stark, but a more serious and dramatic man.