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Balloon Dipped Glassware

Balloon Dipped Glassware DIY

Transform your old ugly dull glassware by simply stretching a cut up balloon over it. This will create an effect like they were dipped in paint.

Amber Heard Terry Richardson

Girl Obsession: Amber Heard

Meet Amber Heard, a Texas born model and actress, and my Girl Obsession of the week. You probably have seen her in movies like The Rum Diary, Drive Angry, The Ward, or Pineapple Express.

Deadlight Screenshot

Deadlight Launch Trailer

Deadlight is set in mid-’80s Seattle where you play as a man named Randall who has been separated from his family. Like every other outbreak story, a virus has spread turning the world into the undead, aka. “shadows”.

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

Moonshine, aka mountain dew, hooch, and white lightning, is a VERY high proof alcohol. Some can even reach up to 190 proof (95% alcohol). That will surely knock you on your ass.

H&M 2012 Winter Lookbook

H&M has unleashed their Winter 2012 Lookbook and it’s looking spiffy. Chalk filled with blazers, letterman jackets, bold colors, and leather detailing, all of which look great with a beanie or other accessories you have laying around.

Watches Hands Document folder

If Don Draper Had an iPad

A watch is a man’s best accessory. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask Don Draper what he thinks? It seems these days everyone is trying to rock the Mad Men look, but are they sporting the right collection?

Logitech Washable Keyboard k310

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

You can imagine all the dirty things that happen to keyboards but I’ll leave that to your imagination (flip yours over to see what comes out). The Logitech K310 washable keyboard can still operate after being submerged in 11 inches of water.

Evernote Moleskin

Moleskin and Evernote had a baby together

I’ve died and gone to sketchbook heaven. Moleskin and Evernote have teamed up to make what we think could be the coolest sketchbook ever. It’s called the Smart Notebook, and features the beautiful style you expect from Moleskin, with the added bonus of Evernote’s technology.