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Givenchy Shark tee

Givenchy Shark t-shirt

Even the Parisian label Givenchy is into shark week. The clothing company is made famous for their animal motifs, which is perfect for rocking with layered outfits.

Water Light Graffiti

The “Water Light Graffiti” is a wall made up of thousands of LEDs that illuminate by the contact of water. Using anything from your hands, a water gun, or a paintbrush will activate the beautiful light display.

Parkour Dog

Oh, so your dog can sit and play dead? Well this guys pup can do parkour! TreT is a dog from the Ukraine who puts some of the best parkour stuntmen to shame.

Smoke portraits by Miki Takahashi

Smoke Portraits by Miki Takahashi

Here are three cool self-portraits by digital artist Miki Takahashi. I love how she uses contrast in these pictures to blend herself into the smoke. See them after the jump…

Stussy x Stanley Steel Flask

This 100% steel beauty was created in collaboration between Stussy and Stanley, and holds up to 8 oz. of your choosing.

Road Trip Movie

The Best Road Trip Movies

Summer is upon us and that means blockbuster season at the cinema. The usual treats are all on offer again: from comic book action to family-orientated animations, there is something for everyone.

Wizard of Meh by POGO

POGO steps out of his comfort zone in his latest song Wizard of Meh. The video features him mouthing pieces from the Wizard of OZ.


Beer-Claw Bottle Opener

Grip it and rip it – that’s what I always say. I’m sure most of you reading this have opened your fair share of brewskies, but have you ever had the pleasure of opening one with something so ergonomic?

Panda Jams by Liberated China

Panda Jams Surf Trunks by Liberated China

Even though summer is coming to a close, do shorts every really go out of style in southern California? Liberated China sent me a pair of their Panda Jams swim trunks from their 2012 Summer collection and now I’m hooked.