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Nothing but a pen and paper

Andrea Joseph has a unique talent. Give this girl a pen, paper, and some time and you will be WOW’d! Check out her amazing drawings after the jump…

Cool Finds

Here’s a collection of images I’ve come across recently that I thought was cool. Hope you enjoy them too!

NES Stop Motion

Beautifully created stop motion video based off of the classic NES games. I love the Zelda and Contra spoofs.

Movie Illustrations by Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley is a talented storyboard artist for Pixar. He’s worked on many of the hits such as UP, Cars, and Ratatouille. Along with working on the Pixar classics he’s been busy with his book, “Lil’ Inappropriate Golden Books”.

Art Studio App for iPad

I’ve been going App crazy lately ever since I purchased the iPad. One of the coolest things about the iPad is the large screen. I’ve taken full advantage of it by buying the drawing program Art Studio.