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Guitar String Bracelets

Somewhere out there, a broken guitar string is just wasting away with no use. Thanks to a new bracelet from Wear Your Music, they are being put to a more fashionable use.

Miansai Anchor Collection

Miansai Anchor Collection

Michael Saiger’s Miansai is one of the raddest accessory collections around. This Spring’s collection features anchor clasp bracelets that come in rope or leather and various colors.

Survival Bracelet by Need Supply Co.

I’m not one to wear too many things around my wrist besides the occasional watch or Project Toasty wrist band. I however, would make an exception for one of these Survival Bracelets from Need Supply Co.

UP by Jawbone

No matter how much you try to avoid technology in your everyday life, you may as well just give up. Technology is here to stay, and in some ways, better your everyday life. UP by Jawbone is a prime example of how technology can better your well-being and keep you on track.