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iSD Card Reader

iSD Card Reader

Finally a card reader solution for all those without the handy built-in attachment. The iSD Card Reader plugs into your USB port and features a cool glowing Apple logo when connected.

USB Leather Braided Bracelet

USB Stick Leather Braided Bracelet

Carrying around a USB stick in your pocket can be a pain. So why not wear it? This braided bracelet USB stick holds 2GB worth of data and is made with real braided leather (4mm).

Logitech Washable Keyboard k310

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

You can imagine all the dirty things that happen to keyboards but I’ll leave that to your imagination (flip yours over to see what comes out). The Logitech K310 washable keyboard can still operate after being submerged in 11 inches of water.

Arc Touch Mouse by Microsoft

A mouse that can finally rival Apple’s Magic Mouse. The Arc™ Touch Mouse by Microsoft has a great look to it and a unique shape then it’s predecessors.

Flash Rods Delorean Hard Drive

What better way to use your Time Machine application to backup your important information then with the Delorean styled Hard Drive? This Delorean model was created by Flash Rods, and only took…4 YEARS!

The super small MosKeyto by LaCie

This ridiculously tiny flash drive by LaCie is amazing. It’s called the MosKeyto and sticks only 6mm out from your laptop. Stick it in and just forget about it. It comes in 2 different storage capacities; 4gb($17.99) and 8gb($27.99)