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How to Ride Bitch

Learn How to Properly Ride Bitch

Riding bitch is when someone is stuck hitching a ride on the back of a bike, usually a motorcycle or a moped. It’s that unfortunate scenario where you never quite know where your hands should go.

Top 10 Game of Thrones Memes

With the popularity of the Game of Thrones I doubt this top 10 list will be relevant in the next couple weeks. Either way I felt the need to put together some of my favorite memes created from the show. See the images after the jump…

Instagram: The Rap by MikeyBolts

It’s about damn time someone makes a parody song about Instagram (follow me: JoesDaily). My boy MikeyBolts, known for his funny videos, creates a hilarious song about the 2011 App of the year.

OnStar for Drunk Drivers

I would never support drinking and driving, but the OnStar for Drunk Drivers service would sure come in handy. See the video after the jump…

A deer that does coke???

OH MY GOD! What the Hell happened to Bambi? Apparently he didn’t take the death of his mother too well. Poor guy is all hopped up on coke. See the video after the jump…

Water Jetpack Fail

I was trying to come up with something to write about this Jetpack Fail but I couldn’t stop laughing at the footage of this goofy guy. If you like it be sure to share it to your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Let them join in on the laughter! LOL

Jack Black in The Mis-Informant

Jack Black stars in The Mis-Informant. A man who mis-leads in exchange for big bucks from the man. Such a hilarious video and really well done.