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Featured Artist: Tiago Hoisel

The featured artist this month is Brazilian Tiago Hoisel. He has some of the most remarkable painting skills I’ve seen, and wanted to show them to my readers.

Featured Artist: Lukas Brezak

This week I chose to feature Czech Republic artist, Lukas Brezak. He’s a multi-talented illustrator that specializes in digital painting, 3D art, and photography.

Cruisn’ painting by Matt Q. Spangler

I fell in love with Matt Spangler’s robot paintings when I ran into his booth at Unique LA this past month. Each one of his paintings feature a cute robot doing various things and in different outfits.

‘Real Life’ Disney Princesses

Finnish design student Jirka Vinse Jonatan has re-imagined what ‘Disney Princesses’ look like. He really captures their beauty in a realistic manner and brings them to life. See the photos after the jump…