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The Revenant Trailer 2

The Revenant (Trailer 2)

The Revenant is inspired by true events, based on the epic adventure of explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), who during an expedition is attacked by a bear and left for dead by his hunting team.

Michael Shannon as Richard Kuklinski

The Iceman Official Trailer

Richard Kuklinski was one of most notorious hit-men working for the DeCavalcante crime family and New York City’s Five Families. His story is now being brought to the big screen in The Iceman

Bad Ass Trailer

Check out the first official trailer of the movie Bad Ass. Danny Trejo plays the role of the Epic Beard Man.

Machine Gun Preacher Trailer

Gerard Butler plays Sam Childers in the epic true story, ‘Machine Gun Preacher’. I’m obsessed with movies that are based on actual events or real peoples lives. See the trailer after the jump…