Weekly Inspirational Round-Up #6

Hello kids, it’s Round-Up #6. Hope everyones Holiday has been magical so far. I’ve been busy with new developments for JoesDaily and haven’t had much time to work on these. Sorry for slacking on this, I’ll do my best to make up for it.

Exit Through the Gift Shop by Banksy

This is easily one of the best documentaries I’ve seen. While watching the film I was unaware that Banksy actually directed it but you’ll understand towards the end why I was confused. Definitely snatch this one up if you’re a fan of his or street art in general.

PS: If anyone wants to buy me a Banksy or Mr. Brain Wash piece, I’d love you forever :)

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse by William Castleman

In Gainesville Florida a man by the name of William Castleman captured the beautiful Solstice we had on Dec 21st, 2010. He recorded the whole thing as a time lapse and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

Nuit Blanche by Spy Films

This video was directed by Arev Manoukian over at Spy Films. Nuit Blanche is about two people and that special moment where it feels as if the world has stopped. It’s shot Film Noir style with a heavy amount of CGI. The composition is flawless and makes you wonder what is real and what is fake.

[via Gjunkie]

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